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Inspecting Atlanta Chimneys, 1 chimney at a time

Unless you’re a fireplace and chimney professional it can be very challenging to know if there are problems in your fireplace and chimney system. Chimneys are dark and difficult to see, not to mention complex. Because of this, it’s common to continue using a damaged chimney until the problem builds up so much that it’s impossible to ignore. Once that happens, your chimney or fireplace can become much more expensive to fix, or worse, has to be completely torn down and rebuilt. Luckily, you have 404 Chimney of Atlanta Georgia to inspect your chimney!

The 3 levels of inspecting we offer Atlanta


Basic level is performed without the aid of specialized tools and is recommended as a preventive inspection before any problems occur or are detected. It consists of the readily accessible portions of the chimney and fireplace.

If you’re looking to get your annual inspection done and are not planning on making any changes to your chimney system, most likely all you need is a basic inspection. During this inspection, we will make sure the structure of your chimney is sound. We will also make sure your fireplace or appliance is working and correctly and there are no dangerous obstructions in or around your chimney.


Mid-Level is performed when a change is required or a problem is detected. This level may require special tools and include a video scan of the chimney interior. Mid-Level inspections are referred to as real estate, home, or insurance inspections. It consists of all portions accessible without damage to the structure.

This inspection goes a bit more in-depth into your chimney. We recommend this if you’re changing anything about your chimney system, such as changes to your flue lining or a change in the appliance connected to your chimney. We also recommend this type of more extensive inspection if you suspect an event, such as a chimney fire, has caused damage to your chimney. Finally, this is the inspection you’re looking for if you need a real estate inspection before selling your home.


Advanced inspections consist of all portions of the chimney and fireplace, including those that may require destructive actions to the building around the chimney and fireplace. They are usually done after a chimney fire or during a major structural event, such as repairs or remodeling.

This is the most extensive inspection we can perform on your chimney but is a last resort because it can be destructive. This type of inspection is only done if there is serious damage to your chimney, or if we realize in a less extensive inspection there are issues that need to be looked at more deeply.